5 things wrong with the SheaMoisture ad #SheaMoistureFail #NotmyProduct

By now I know you have heard or seen the ridiculous ad SheaMoisture shared. And if you haven’t keep reading. The ad seems all good and dandy unless you truly are familiar with the natural hair community and what SheaMoisture was built on. SheaMoisture was the staple product for natural hair and I mean CURLY  hair people. When you heard SheaMoisture you thought of the pioneering, off the ethnic section first product. But the ad discussed hair hate and how “EVERYBODY” needs to love their hair and not ONE black woman, ethnic woman, 3b 3c 4c hair was shown. So … Continue reading 5 things wrong with the SheaMoisture ad #SheaMoistureFail #NotmyProduct

curly natural hair money image for budget

Being Natural on a Budget

Even though you are saving a ton of money by cancelling out expensive perms and $100s on flat irons, being natural “incorrectly” can be very expensive.

So what’s the most cost effective way to be natural?

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natural hair bun curly black hair

Egg Yolk Bun for Shiny Hair

Who doesn’t want their hair to naturally shine? How about take 20 minutes off of your detangling time? Both sound incredible but how about doing it for about 50cents?  Continue reading “Egg Yolk Bun for Shiny Hair”

healthy body and healthy curly hair

Healthy Hair and Healthy Lifestyle

Well your hair’s health  is just like any other part of your body is extremely important. I am not saying its time to start a diet or change your eating habits. I am saying that you should add a few things if you are looking for a specific result. However, the healthier your lifestyle, the more gorgeous and healthier your hair will be.

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Maelan curly hydration method for natural hair

4 easy steps to Maximum Moisture

Moisture… probably the number one negative in the natural hair community next to shrinkage. So how did I recently achieve maximum moisture?

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Finger Detangling Curly Natural Hair Logo

One Word Tips for Finger Detangling

Clumping, grouping, clustering, whatever you want to call it, works best with finger detangling. So what are a few single word tips every natural needs to know

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Eden All Natural Curl Defining Cream

I discovered this product on a pretty popular forum If you are a LOC Method lover this is perfect. It will give you simple shine and definition but can not do it alone. You need a product cocktail with this one. Continue reading “Eden All Natural Curl Defining Cream”

Natural Curly Hair in a Shower Cap

The Greenhouse Method ?

What is the Greenhouse Method?

The Greenhouse Method is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Lightly moisturized
    1. Coconut Oil and Water.
  2. Cover your hair in a plastic baggy
  3. Wrap scarf around the plastic baggy

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